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âś… A personal strategy call with Allison.

âś… Monthly Coaching Calls with other prominent female TV hosts, journalists, and media professionals.

âś… Private Facebook Group to network with Allison and make connections with other professional women.

âś… Eligible for Skype Interview on and Instagram Live on @WorkingWomanReport.

âś… Media Dreams - Allison's personal story of how she made it to the top ranks of women in American media & why it's easier than ever for you to do the same.

âś… The Clarify Your Concept Worksheet - This will help you decide what type of story you want to tell the world and how to do it!

âś… Instructional Video Library - Learn how to be on camera, record live videos, and grow your Instagram for the most attention and following!

âś… Allison's personal list of favorite resources and tools to use as a media professional!
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     Allison Haunss is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has reported on some of the biggest stories in the New York area, including the mid-air plane/tourist chopper collision over the Hudson River, the attempted car bombing in Times Square as well as the Pope’s 2008 visit to NYC.

     In 2004, Allison traveled to Israel for an in-depth Emmy award-winning series entitled, “Grandma Guard.” The series examined one Stamford, CT woman’s journey through the Israeli civil guard.

     She has also worked in several other TV markets across the country, including Pittsburgh and Sioux Falls. Allison graduated from Duke University. She also earned a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

     Allison is also an entrepreneur, founding Nühanzi Life,, and personally coaching other women to become successful in the field of media.
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Who This Club IS For:
  •  Strong, NĂĽhanzi women looking for personal growth
  •  Looking to create a media presence and social following
  •  Join a community and build your network
  •  Hard worker and willing to take advice
  •  Wants to participate and help others
  •  Understands the value of personal mentorship
Who This Club ISN'T For:
  •  Will quit if not famous in 3 hours
  •  Not interested in growing media presence 
  •  Does not like to participate or network with others
  •  Does not care about the power of social media
This is your chance to tell your story to the world with the help of Emmy Award Winning Journalist & TV Host, Allison Haunss.
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